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Seeing Ghosts (Aigis)aoshi wrote
on February 18th, 2013 at 09:09 am

The Darkest Minds Discussing through Chapter 16

The Darkest Minds
Discussing through Chapter 16

The Darkest Minds

No spoilers beyond Chapter 16 in this post!
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Reminder of where we are in the story:

After escaping from the East River, the crew makes their way to an abandoned motel wherein they are finally able to get to rest. Ruby finds she is restless, and ends up slipping herself into one of Zu's dreams. We learn about how the group has come together, with Zu's violence been the thing that saves the life of both Chubs and Liam. Ruby always discovers a second panic button buried in her survival kit that she received from the Children's League, but she does not end up throwing it away.

Upon piling into the vehicle the next day, the group stops at Waffle House, only to be revisited by Lady Jane (or at least, a vision of her). The group takes some time to plot their new route when they attempt to figure out the meaning behind "Edo," a code world which at first they think implies a Virginia Area Code. Further along the way they stop at an abandoned Walmart in Roanoke. Upon searching for supplies the group is greeted by a group of young boys dressed in black ready to attack. The group leader introduces himself as Greg, a young man who also escaped a camp similar to that of Ruby's, wherein he and others were supposedly sent away for psi testing. Greg explains that if it wasn't for SlipKid, they wouldn't be as well off as they are, as other children who have escaped the camps have gone off to form various tribes.

Back in the vehicle, Ruby begins to read the notebook where Zu does her math problems, only to discover an essay written by Chubs. Chubs explains that his essays were written as a form of code to his parents and those back in his home town as a means to show he is alive and what his situation is. Since the internet has been taken over by the government, it's difficult to send e-mail or use social networking without the government tracking each person down. It is then that Ruby discovers that Edo does not actually stand for a Virginia Area Code, but rather an AM radio station broadcasting psi waves, messaging to those who can hear it to travel to Lake Prince.

Ideas for discussion:

1) In this section we begin to learn a lot about Chubs and Zu's pasts. What are your thoughts on their characters and their backgrounds?

2) Why do you think Ruby keeps the panic button?

3) The Slipkid has been mentioned quite frequently without real explanation. Who or what do you think the Slipkid is?

4) Ruby's powers seem to be intensifying during this portion. What are your thoughts on her character thus far?

5) Any other thoughts you wish to share about this section?

Next Discussion:
Monday, February 25th
Through Chapter 22

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