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bethiibee in bookclubfiction

New Member Introduction :3

Just thought I'd introduce myself to the book club community! :3 I am excited to be involved :3

Name: Bethwyn

Favourite Books: Most books by Juliet Marillier, Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller books (so far!), The Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger :3

Favourite Genres: Well, fantasy, as evidenced by the above... Some scifi, historical, I also love Graphic Novels. Mostly willing to try out any genre, but I tend to put my foot down with horror, as I just can't sleep otherwise :P

Tell us a bit about yourself: I have a huge love of reading and writing, which has only increased in the past ten years or so. I am currently studying writing at uni, but also have a background in psychology. I also love anime and manga, tea, candles, and lanterns!

Anything else?: goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5803895-bethwyn / blog: http://www.butterfly-elephant.blogspot.com


welcome!! :) I am also a huge fan of the Kingkiller series and cannot WAIT for #3!! :) Me and ayashi (another mod here) actually got to go to a book signing by Patrick Rothfuss last year together! :D

I'm adding you on Goodreads :)
Oh man I am just a little bit jealous! (Okay, a more than a little bit jealous :P)

Thank you!
uhm... there's an extra 'a' in that sentence. please ignore :P
Welcome to the community :D I added you on GR :)
thank you!!
thanks!! :3
Welcome! :)
thank you! :D
Have to say I love your first name. So pretty. Mine is some variation of that and I like yours a lot more. =D
thank you so much! I really love my name :D I think my mum did alright by me there :P
Yay, you're here and welcome :D Hope you like it here, it's pretty awesome :3
Yay! Thank you for your help with it all. I am still adapting to being on livejournal again and learning new things!
No worries :D I haven't really used LJ for ages now so I may be rusty on some things and a lot of it has changed so I may not know the new way to do things >_>;

But this bookclub is the best I've come across so I try stick around just for this :D
Welcome! :D
Welcome to the club! Just added you on goodreads.

Love love love Kingkiller books AHHHH. Patrick Rothfuss is my favorite.
Welcome! I just peeked at your GR and added that Japan book you're reading to my library list - sounds really interesting.
hi bethwyn,
nice to meet you. welcome to the group. i hope u enjoy it. :)

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