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eurii in bookclubfiction

A Face Like Glass info

Hello all! Two things about A Face Like Glass:

1) It seems pretty difficult to get ahold of a copy of this one! I ordered a hard copy from Amazon the day after voting and it's still not here :/ Anyone else having problems getting ahold of this book?

2) Since we didn't have a hard copy, we made a guestimate of how long the weekly discussions should be, and it appears we guessed wrong :P We had originally guessed that it would break down with the book having 3 discussions, but it now appears that the book could really use 4. So, we're going to adjust the chapter discussion stopping points to give it one more discussion in there. The calendar will be updated with the new stopping points later today

If you've already passed this week's stopping point (and this applies for all books, not just this one), the summaries are there to help you know what is free to talk about in a discussion post.

Today's discussion post will be posted later today.

Let us know if you have any questions :)


I tried to get ahold of the book at Barnes & Noble a couple of weeks ago and it wasn't even in their database. @_@
It's available online, but only through marketplace sellers :(

I ended up buying the kindle version
Looking at Fantastic Fiction looks like this has only had UK editions which would have made it harder to obtain in USA - apart from Kindle.
I got it from my library just fine, but I haven't started reading yet, as I am finishing a re-read of Divergent, and can't read 2 books at once very easily...
I just read the Divergent series for the first time the other day!
I'm also still waiting on a copy.
I got the Kindle version, no problems here!
Yep, I didn't want to spend the $10 for the kindle version, and struck out at the library and used bookstores, so despite voting for it I'm sadly having to skip this one. Looking forward to jumping back in for Howl though.
I finally got my book and started it last night! Ahhhh, I'm so behind O_O

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