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eurii in bookclubfiction

How this book club works!

Here is how this book club works!

Summary of how we choose books!
As we are coming to the end of a genre's selections, the community will decide on the next set of books together. First we will all decide on a genre, then everyone will have the chance to nominate books for that genre. After that we will "second" nominations until we find the two most popular!  The longest of the two most popular will become the next Main Discussion, while the shortest book will become a Bonus Selection. The mods will occasionally allow for more books in Main or Bonus discussion depending on how much support there is though! :)

About three weeks before we finish the current genre, we will start the process for finding the next genre & book for the community to read.  The genre vote will start on the Tuesday 3 weeks from the end of the current genre, lasting one day, nominations will open up Wednesday, seconding will start on Friday and the new books will be announced to the community on that Sunday. We will have 2 weeks after books are chosen so we can have time to find the next book on the list, whether it's buying the book, checking it out from the library, or downloading it from wherever possible.
After the community has made their selection there will be a weekly post every Monday discussing approximately 100-150 pages of Main Selections.

Check out our calendar to see the timeline in action.

Each time we are ready for a new book, there will be a poll given to the community to decide between the 3 genres at the top of the list below:
  • Speculative/Dystopia
  • Horror
  • Free-For-All Fiction
  • Fantasy/Paranormal
  • Romance
  • Thriller/Suspense/Mystery
  • Science Fiction
  • Historical Fiction

Each time a genre is selected by the community, it will be moved to the bottom of the list.  That way we will always have a variety of genres, and we don't end up reading the same genre every single time  :)

NOTE: If you have a suggestion for another genre you would like added, let us know and we'll see about adding it!

Once a genre has been chosen for the next book, there will be a post put up to the community so that everyone can nominate books they would like to read from that genre. You can nominate up to THREE books for each genre.

A post will be put up to the community with all of the nominated books compiled in the comments.  You can go through and second as many books as you want!  Seconding nominations is HIGHLY encouraged, as we will be taking the top 2 most popular books to move onto the next round.  If a book doesn't receive multiple nominations then chances are it will not move on.

The top 2 nominations will be chosen as our final books for the new genre.  The shortest book from the top 2 will be that genre's Bonus Selection (one full discussion for the entire book), and the other 2 selections will be the genre's Main Selection (weekly discussions as we move through the book).

Extra Seconds
If you participate in over half* of the discussions of a Main Selection or any Bonus Discussions, you will be given a point that can be used to give an extra 'second' to a nomination (even your own!). You are free to give out one extra second per book, for as many books as you have points.  This will allow our active members to have more of a say in the books that are chosen for us to read.

Participation in a discussion could be anything from making a brand new comment thread, or responding to someone else's! You don't have to answer the discussion questions or abide by any rules other than getting in there with a comment about the book. A response to someone else's comment counts for a point just as much as a brand new comment thread does.

If you don't see any books you are wanting to read in one voting period, feel free to save your vote to use next time! There is no limit to how many you can save up. The sidebar of the community will have the latest tally of extra seconds available, but feel free to ask the mods if you have a question about them.

We hope that this will be a fun way to reward the members who are participating, making sure you have more of a say in the books we get to read since you're already putting so much into making this book club a fun place :)

* participating in 2 out of 3 discussions (3/4, 3/5, 4/6, 4/7, etc)

Breaking Ties
In the event where books have a tie with nominations or seconds, the tie breaker will be the Goodreads user rating in order to get the top 2.

After we have all chosen a book, there will be discussion posts for Main Selections once a week on Mondays. Each week will cover approximately 100-150 pages of the book split into chapters (depending on how "dense" the book is). Feel free to read ahead if you want, but just make sure not to post any spoilers past the point that we are discussing for that week! :)
If you accidentally write a spoiler for something that happens beyond the pages we are discussing, a Mod will respond with a comment reminding you about spoilers, and then screen your comment.  You are free to re-post your comment without the spoilers!
Bonus Selections will only have one discussion post which falls between the time when we finish the current Main Selection and are moving onto the next genre.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on any of this, feel free to leave a comment or contact one of the Mods directly!


Sorry for the silly question, but if we read chapters 1-10, does that include 10 or does that mean we stop when we get to 10?
it includes chapter 10 :)
If we join the discussion late can we still get our extra nomination? How late can we join in?
you can get points for a discussion all the way til the next main selection discussions start. So, if you were wanting to get a point for Discount Armageddon discussion, comments would have had to be in before 13th Hour's discussions start. If that makes sense?

There are 2 weeks between the end of one main selection and when the next one begins

I'm behind on DA and will miss out on a point cause of it, boo :P

Edited at 2012-05-03 11:45 pm (UTC)
Got it! So if I don't start discussing the 13th tale until the third discussion, that's okay as long as I post in all three discussions, correct?
Yep! But actually you only need to participate in over half the discussions, not all of them, if you want to get a point. So, if you participated in 2 of the 3 discussions by 5/27 (even though 13th Tale's last discussion is on the 14th) you would still get a point :)
Awesome! Thank you for your prompt response.
Oh, and silly me, I just realized that even though we have until 5/27 to do the discussion, we can't use our extra nom for the next book since we're voting on that in the middle of the month. So, there is in an incentive to do the first two discussions.
yeahhhh, I forgot about that detail, sorry :( It will be there for the next round though :S
Heeeeey it's me again.

If we participate in BOTH main selections for the month (i.e. for this month I'll do both Gone Girl AND Cuckoo's Calling), do we get 2 extra seconds, or just 1?
we changed it a few months back so that you will get points for ALL discussions even if there is more than one each genre :) Since there is still the limit of 3 total, we didn't see any reason why not
Awesome, thank you!!
oh also, you can now get points for the bonus discussion too, which you couldn't before

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pirate_nami - 6
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