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DotA Shaeldre Strong

ayashi in bookclubfiction

FFA Fiction Selections

We have our book selections for FFA Fiction :)

Genre: FFA Fiction
Main Selection:
A Face Like Glass
Bonus Selection:
First Discussion: 1/20
Chapters TBD
Full Discussion: TBD

Who all will be joining us for any of these books?


Definitely joining for Howl's Moving Castle as I already have it and have been wanting to read it! I'd like to read A Face Like Glass as well, just have to make sure I can get a copy of it. Not sure I want to spend $10 for the kindle version
I will try to be in for both! A Face Like Glass sounds really interesting, and I've read Howl's Moving Castle before but it's been several years so I wouldn't mind re-reading it.
I'm in for Face Like Glass! I've read Howl's numerous times with my most recent re-read only around a year ago, so I'll join in the discussions as much as possible.
I'm in for Face Like Glass!
I have read Howl's Moving Castle before, but it was so good and I haven't been reading lately, so it might be just what I need to get back into reading!
I'll probably read a face like glass, better yet if I can get my library to get it. :D
I've also read Howl numerous times; DWJ is one if my favorite authors. I know a lot of people liked the movie but I always thought it added a lot of really weird stuff to a wonderful not-so-crazy fantasy story. It's been a while since I've read it, so I probably will again!
The movie is fun, but it really only scratches the surface of the book's complexity and awesomeness. :D
oh, me too. The book is in my top-10 all-time, and some of the changes the movie made just left me scratching my head.
Yeah, the movie was fun, but it's practically a whole separate thing from the book so I have a hard time comparing the two. I totally agree about greatly preferring the book though, which instantly made it to my all-time favorites list. :D
It's similarish for the first... maybe quarter of the book? Someone back me up on that? And then diverges wildly. The book is pretty amazing :)
It starts kinda similarly (though that whole chase scene near the beginning with those monster-things had nothing to do with the book really) and it technically keeps all the same characters (though some are pretty drastically changed), but that's more or less it. The whole anti-war sub-plot was added in, for example, and the book feels a lot more like an fun fantasy or fairy tale parody of sorts than the movie.

To be honest, my impression while watching the movie, having read the book first, was that I pretty much had to ignore everything I knew from the book in order to make sense of anything if that gives you an idea of how different it is. And yes, the book is absolutely better than the movie. :D

Edited at 2014-01-09 04:55 pm (UTC)
Hoping to read both. Face like Glass sounds great, and any excuse to reread Howl's Moving Castle is a good one
I was checking the spreadsheet and noticed Howl's got one more vote than Face Like Glass. Is there a reason it is the bonus selection and not the main?
We changed the format a while back (I don't recall exactly how long ago... I think it was around when we went to the 3 book format) to make the shortest book always the bonus selection. It helps to prevent situations where we could have a 250 page book as the main selection and then a 800 page monster as the bonus selection, and not enough time to read it!
I'm in for Howl's Moving Castle (because lol if I nominated it but was then like 'fuck that'?) because I've been meaning to read it FOREVER.

I may be in for A Face Like Glass, depending on if I have enough time to get that in as well! :D
Looking forward to both. My library doesn't seem to have Face Like Glass though and I'm not excited about spending $10 for a kindle copy, so I'll have to see about figuring something out. Love Howl's Moving Castle though, so I'm totally rereading it for this. :D
I'm not excited about the price either! I was looking to see if there was a hard copy but it appears that both Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com are lacking in them. I was all confused since the book only just came out a year or two ago, but apparently the publisher is in the UK, so maybe that's why it's hard to get a hold of a hard copy in the US :(
I've just checked Amazon.co.uk and they've got very limited stock here in the UK as well - I think it's only recently been brought out in paperback or something.
I should be in for Howl's as I already have a copy of that. I'll be in for Face Like Glass if I can find a copy.
Definitely in for A Face Like Glass!

I've read Howl a crazy amount of times, so I'll at least be in for the discussion!
My library has a crazy wait list for A Face Like Glass so I'm not sure if I'll manage to get hold of a copy of it in time, but will join in if I do!

Definitely going to read Howl's Moving Castle - was gifted a copy of it ages ago but it's yet another book I want to read but hadn't gotten around to. This gives me the perfect excuse to finally pick it up from the shelf. I didn't know about the changes in the film (love, love, love the film!), so I'm even more excited to read it now after all the praise it's gotten in the comments above :)
I will try with both! Haven't read either but so busy and argh.
I'm going to try to read both, especially Howl's, since I've liked some of the Diana Wynne Jones books I've read (woo Chrestomanci! I found Tough Guide a bit meh) and I've just not been in the mood to read, oh, most of 2013. I'm trying to do better in 2014.

Still planning to squeak in a last minute discussion on The River of No Return before the Kindred discussion goes up, since I nominated that one and all and haven't read it yet. :-/ Been feeling crappy this week especially, though, so I don't know if I'll be able to swing it.
Sadly I won't be reading either of these. I'm behind in my piles of library books (and have been since disappearing from this community).

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