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bytherail in bookclubfiction

New Member Introduction!

Hello! I'm a bit nervous and shy as this is not only my first post in this community, but it's also my first livejournal community post at all! I'm more of an observer, but this year I'm trying to set small goals to get out of my shell a little. So here I am! I'm excited to read with you all.

Name: bytherail works for now :)

Favorite book(s): I have too many, and they all depend on my mood! My favorite children's book has to be My Father's Dragon; my favorite non-fiction is tied between Underground or The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down; the series I read through every couple of years is the Harry Potter series, naturally; and some of my favorite fiction books are Kindred , Kafka on the Shore, and Notes from the Underground.

Favorite genre(s): As the above might show, I'll read anything, even boring old law books and airport city guides. I prefer fiction (fantasy, historical, literary, mystery, and satire), both long and short, but I'm easily spooked by horror though I'll give it a go. My preferred non-fiction genres are biography and historical.

Tell us a bit about yourself: Oh, the hard part of any conversation. My interests are books (of course), writing, music, crafts, and film. I have a pet guinea pig who I love more than is normal.

Anything else (goodreads link, etc?): I haven't got a goodreads account, but maybe I'll make that my next goal! I do sell handbound books and journals on Etsy.

EDIT: Okay, so I've decided it's not too much of a compromise of interests to show you all my little Etsy shop. It's quite new and it takes me ages to put together the photographs, but here's my newest piece! https://www.etsy.com/listing/176141037/marvel-themed-lined-journal

Anyway, it's really nice to meet everyone. I hope I do everything right in this community and can participate as regularly as I intend. Thanks!


as lover of paper

how about a link to your Etsy shop???

Re: as lover of paper

that would be very cool! :)

Re: as lover of paper


Re: as lover of paper

I was worried about posting the link as I didn't want to be taking advantage of any position here. But if people really want to check it out, I'll share! Are the mods all right with this?

Re: as lover of paper

I gave in and posted, I hope it's okay to do so!

Re: as lover of paper

yes it is more than ok :)
Welcome to the community! :)

Yay guinea pigs! I don't have any piggies now, but I used to when I was living at home. They are such cool little critters!
Thank you! My guinea is pretty naughty and likes to burrow and devise plans of escape...
welcome welcome! :) So glad to have you here :) I really appreciate your goal to step outside of your comfort zone a bit, I often have the same problem. This is one of the few communities I am active in because it can be pretty intimidating! But this group is full of really nice people and I find it pretty easy to relax here! :) I hope you find the same thing

Not sure if you saw, but we just had a discussion about Kindred this week! Feel free to pop over there and add in any thoughts. You don't have to read the book with us to participate or to get "extra seconds" used for voting :)
Thank you! Actually, I'd been watching the community for a while and then it was the Kindred selection and discussion that made me decide to be more active and join!
Welcome! The Marvel journal you've made looks cool :)

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