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All You Need Is Kill - Full Discussion

All You Need Is Kill
Full Discussion

All You Need Is Kill

Ideas for discussion

Ideas for discussion:
1) How did you like the book? What would you rate it out of 5?

2) What did you think of the time travel concept in the book?

3) Have you read the manga based on the book or seen the movie Edge of Tomorrow? What did you think of them? How would you compare them to the book? (If spoilers are involved in the manga or movie, please use the <lj-spoiler> tag to hide spoilers)

4) In the end, Keiji has to kill Rita as she has become an "antennae" for the mimics to use to repeat the day over and over again. What did you think of the ending?

5) The author mentioned that he was partially inspired to write this story by video games. In a video game, the player may play through the same level over and over, dying repeatedly but learning from their mistakes so they can continue to the end. As long as they keep going, winning is a foregone conclusion. At the end of a game the author is praised as a hero. The nature of the game allowed him to become a hero because he put in the time to get to the ending. Do you think that any ordinary person, put into this situation, could become a hero like Keiji?

5) Apparently there is going to be a sequel to All You Need Is Kill. Do you think you'll read it?

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Monday, September 1st
Through Ch. 6


I really enjoyed it, though I am excited to watch the movie cause I feel like the story could have been fleshed out so much more! There were certain things in the book that felt pretty important but they would get a single sentence to explain them, but then other things the author took more time to flesh out. Like we learned a lot about Rita's childhood, but then they barely explained what happened with the time loops.

I liked the time travel, but it really confused me how multiple people could be in loops, but their loops were independent. That is really confusing to me, and I couldn't wrap my mind around it. I feel that it would actually make for a lot more fun of a story if the loops went on together. I was imagining all sorts of love stories evolving with Keiki and Rita :P I was sad that they were independent and had to relearn of each other every single loop.

Keiji killing Rita was very sad, but it also makes me think about how long Keiji has before he is killed for being an antennae, or if he'll have to kill the next one as well. That also seems like a bad loop he is in! There can always only be one??? That doesn't make sense to me in terms of how the aliens use that technology. They have to have some other way to break the loop other than to kill the antennae.

I think I'll totally read a sequel, but it will also depend on what friends think of it :P
1) I liked it a lot! Gave it a 4/5. I liked that it was short and I was able to read essentially the whole thing on my flight from MA back to CA!

2) I loved the concept in both the movie and in the novel. It was really interesting to me to see how Keiji adjusted what he did in order to try to find a different outcome. Also interesting was that the mimics began to adjust themselves, to try to find Keiji and they were trying to murder him because they knew he had the power to kill them.

3) I haven't read the manga (definitely on my to do list now though) but I did see Edge of Tomorrow.

[Edge of Tomorrow spoilers]I liked the design for the aliens in the movie a LOT, I thought they looked super cool and alien and awesome. I kept accidentally imagining them instead of the weird mutated frog mimics in the book.

I actually liked the ending of the movie because I like happy endings. But I felt that the end of the book was probably more realistic. I mean, as much as things can be realistic in a sci fi alien book.

I'll have to finish this comment later I have too much crap to do today
1) I gave it a 4 out of 5, I think. It was short and to the point, but the world-building was still pretty solid, and the action came at a rapid clip. I think he maybe sacrificed some characterization but overall I really enjoyed it.

2) I thought it was really interesting, the idea of the time loop. I like the video game analogy for it. The story really was very reminiscent of a player playing a level over and over, trying different things out. Keiji himself even calls them flags, different variables that have an effect each time through the loop. It seemed like Rita had an effect on Keiji's time loops also. The last few times, it seems like the flags changed wildly because of Rita's influence. Was it because she survived a loop and was now an antenna herself, so she was able to effecting the outcome of Keiji's loop also? I don't know.

3) I have not read the manga or seen the movie, but I could so visualize parts of this novel as an anime. Like I could practically picture an anime character of Shasta from the way she was described. XD

4) The ending was sad, because Rita was my favorite character by far. I mean, I guess I understand, because someone else might be stuck in a loop the same way Keiji was, because of Rita being an antenna, but... by that theory, isn't Keiji going to be an antenna too someday? Is it automatic, or did it have to do with how many times Rita had gone through her loop, or was it some other variable that caused her to become an antenna herself? Was this maybe another Mimic adaptation to keep humanity from figuring out about the time loops?

I was also really sad that so many people died in the ending that 'stuck' including Rachel. I had been hoping Keiji would get together with her after he got out. She seemed so sweet.

5) I do think anyone could be a hero, but I think there's a certain strong will that you'd need. You need to be willing to put in the work each time through the loop to get a little farther and learn a little more.

6) I'd love to read the sequel when it comes out.

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