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ayashi in bookclubfiction

Alif the Unseen - Full Discussion

Alif the Unseen
Full Discussion

Alif the Unseen

Ideas for discussion

Ideas for discussion:
1) How did you like Alif the Unseen? What would you rate it out of 5?

2) What did you think about the inclusion of the fantasy/religion elements in the book? Did you like how they were woven into the story? Would you have preferred the book to be more realistic, or did you like the jinn and others as characters?

3) What did you think of Alif's character progression and his relationships with Intisar and Dina and how they changed through the book?

4) Did you have a favorite character? Who is it and why?

5) What was your favorite part of the book?

6) Anything else you want to say about Alif the Unseen?

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Monday, September 22nd
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1) I thought it was well written but I never really started to like Alif that much (though he did get better than he was at the beginning) and I never really got into the book as much as I had hoped. I gave it a 3/5.

2) I thought they were cool but honestly had not quite expected it - I expected more of a contemporary thriller with a tad of fantasy but oops no there were a lot of jinn in this book! I actually ended liking Sakina, Vikram, etc, but at the same time I wish they had been in the story more so they could develop as characters. Vikram got the most development but he doesn't feel that developed to me overall.

3) He did not as change as much as I would have liked (I honestly hardly know what I'm saying by that, he changed quite a bit, but he never stopped irritating me). I expected him to eventually see Dina's merits but it bugs me that he had literally never thought about her in that light before, and it takes right up to the very end for him to see Intisar as the selfish person she was the entire book.

That's not even really a criticism of Intisar - she is definitely Team Intisar and No One Else and I think she was in a pretty awful situation for the whole book and I could not have blamed her for any of the choices she made. At the end of the book, she admits that she didn't want Alif's lifestyle and lack of riches because she is used to nice things blah blah blah. That was the closest I got to disliking her because it was finally something bad that she admitted about herself vs things that are just like "well, you are trapped between a rock and a hard place and there is not really a right choice you could make in this situation."

I feel like we were meant to really dislike Intisar by the end and that bugs me a little :P I prefer to think of her as a more complicated person than it seems like we were supposed to think

4) Dina gave me life! She was never much of a damsel though ultimately she did have to be rescued from the jinn realm. But I loved her.

5) I really liked the part where Alif was locked up in the mosque.

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